Current Date: 23 Jul, 2024

229 Crore Green Grain! Alpine Ethanol Fuels Karnataka's Renewable Future

Alpine Ethanol Private Limited is pioneering a significant shift in the renewable energy sector with its Grain Based Distillery/Ethanol Project in Hiremallapura, Gadag, Karnataka. Valued at 229 Crores, this venture marks a substantial investment in sustainable fuel production. With a daily output capacity of 200,000 liters, the project is poised to contribute significantly to the nation's ethanol requirements, advancing its energy independence goals.

At the core of the project lies a commitment to environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. Alpine Ethanol Private Limited utilizes state-of-the-art technology and best practices to ensure minimal ecological impact during production. By harnessing the potential of grain-based ethanol, the company actively promotes cleaner and greener energy solutions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

The Ethanol Project holds promise for economic prosperity and job creation in the region. Through employment opportunities and skill development initiatives, Alpine Ethanol Private Limited aims to empower local communities and foster socio-economic growth. By prioritizing inclusivity and collaboration, the project aims to create a positive impact that extends beyond its operational footprint.

News by Rahul Yelligetti


Source : Projxnews